I’ve Stepped in it Now

19 06 2011

Several days ago, I bought the first app I intend to review, but I’m saving its identity for the moment. Actually, I think I’m up to five purchased, already. I had to stop looking at what was coming out or risk finding more.

I think my one real concern (seeing as how finding crappy apps–should we just call these “crapps” from now on?–to review won’t be a problem) is making the write-ups funny. Nobody wants to read straight reviews of lousy games. The whole point of starting this was to shine a light on the less viewed corners of the app store and find humor in the process. I’ve already discovered that while there certainly are some laughably bad apps out there, some are just mediocre, or perhaps have an amateurish aspect to them. I don’t particularly want to savage people that are novice designers. Now, novices that think they are brilliant, that’s a different story.

Anyway, I’m working on some graphics for the site and hoping to try and get an interview with the creator of the first game I am reviewing. Now to figure out how to tell the guy why I want to interview him without him wanting to punch me in the face. Eh….on second thought, maybe we should forget that part for now.




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