No, Games Radar: Your predictable review is the problem

1 07 2011

Edit: after I wrote this, IGN posted a review score of 4. See Games Radar, it isn’t just you.

There’s perhaps no better time to talk about what’s wrong with reviews than the release of a new game in the Dynasty Warriors franchise. I’m about to do something rather unfair, I’m going to pick apart a Games Radar review by Andrew Hayward. It’s unfair because I can sit back and dissect it word for word at my leisure. But hey, it’s my blog and I’ll rant if I want to. I’ll also add emphasis if I want to, though that emphasis is mine, all mine.

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Memo to Capcom

28 06 2011

So, apparently in Capcom’s new Resident Evil game for Nintendo 3DS, there is supposedly only one save file and it can’t be reset if you’d like to start over, give it to a friend, or sell it.

I’ve said it before but treating Gamestop, and in this case the consumer, as the enemy is not the way to combat perceived losses to used sales. I recently got my son Bad Company 2 used, then ponied up 10 bucks for the VIP pack for the extra maps his friends were playing on. That’s how you do it.