Frequently Crappy Questions

The game I spent the last five years and my life’s savings making is on your website. Does that mean you think it sucks?

Not necessarily. I don’t know if a game is bad or not before I decide to feature it. However, something about the name, icon, or description gave me the impression that reviewing it might be humorous. And let’s be honest. If you worked that hard on something and you’re proud of your work, you shouldn’t care what I think anyway.

Scoop is so cool, where did you find him?

Scoop is the creation of Samuel Chesterman. I discovered Scoop on istockphoto after searching for the words “flaming poo”. Clearly, Samuel is a brilliant illustrator. You should go buy something from him.

What the heck does “Amedeo Thea Latkes!” mean?

Those are the magic words, silly.


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